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Ekahi Insurance Information

Insurance coverages for a condo on Maui are different than those you are probably familiar with from home. The information here is designed to help you, your mortgage lender and your insurance agent decide on what coverage is best for you. The associations insurance agent is:

Insurance Associates, Inc
800 Bethel Street, Suite #200, Honolulu, HI 96813

Suggested Individual Coverages - Wailea Ekahi
Each owner should contact his or her insurance representative to discuss individual insurance needs. The Association's insurance is not designed to provide total coverage for each owner.

For example, the Association's insurance coverage includes only the current replacement cost of the original improvements and does not cover the replacement cost of any improvements made by Owner (to extent that cost exceeds the cost of replacing the original improvements). The Association's insurance also has a deductible. Each Owner should consider obtaining their own insurance to provide for these coverages.

Insurance Summary
This is a summary only. It does not include all the terms, exclusions, limitations, and conditions in the actual contract. Nor does it include information for all our coverages. A more complete rendition of this table, including a pdf version suitable for printing, is available in our Owners Central section.

Workers' Compensation
9/1/17 through 9/1/18
Markel Insurance Company
Bodily Injury (each accident) $500,000
Bodily Injury (each employee) $500,000
Bodily Injury (policy limit) $500,000

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