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Introductory Provisions
Association of Owners
Board of Directors
Use and Maintenance of the Premises
Common Expenses, Apartment Expenses and Taxes
Insurance and Restoration
General Provisions
House Rules
Apartment Alterations Manual


SECTION 1. Common Expenses.

The Owner of each Apartment shall be liable for and pay a share of the common expenses in proportion to his interest in the common elements appurtenant to his Apartment. Common expenses shall include all charges for taxes (except real property taxes and other such taxes which are or may hereafter be assessed separately on each Apartment and the common interest in the common elements appertaining thereto or the personal property or any other interest of the Owner), assessments, insurance, including fire and other casualty and liability insurance, cost of repair, reinstatement, rebuilding and replacement of the premises, yard, janitorial and other similar services, wages, accounting and legal fees, management fees, and other necessary expenses of upkeep, maintenance, management and operation actually incurred on or for the common elements, including limited common elements, and the cost of all utility services, including water, electricity and gas, garbage disposal and any other similar services, unless separately metered in which case the amounts charged to each Apartment shall be payable by the Owner of the Apartment.

The common expenses may also include such amounts as the Board of Directors may deem proper to make up any deficit in the common expenses for any prior year and a reserve fund for the operation and maintenance of the property, including, without limitation, anticipated needs for working capital of the Project, and for replacements, repairs and contingencies. Any portion of an Owner's assessments used or to be used by the Association for capital improvements or any other capital expenditure, shall not be treated as income to the Association, but shall be treated as capital contribution by the Owners to the Association and shall be credited by the Association upon its books as paid-in-surplus. Payments of common expenses shall be made to the Board, as agent of the Owners of the Apartments, and the Board shall transmit said payments on behalf of each such Owner to the third person entitled to said payments from each Owner.

SECTION 2. Payment as Agent.

The Board will pay or cause to be paid, on behalf of the Owners, all common expenses. The Board, on behalf of all Owners, will maintain or cause to be maintained books of account of common expenses in accordance with recognized accounting practices, and will have such books of account available for inspection by each Owner or his authorized representative at reasonable business hours. Within ninety (90) days of the end of the fiscal year of the Association of Owners, the Board will render or cause to be rendered a statement to each Owner of all receipts and disbursements during the preceding year, which statement shall be certified by an independent certified public accountant. Each Owner, as principal, shall be liable for and pay his share, determined as aforesaid, of all common expenses and the Board shall be responsible, as agent for each Owner, only to transmit the payments made by the Owner to third persons to whom such payments must be made by the Owner. The Board collecting the common expenses shall not be liable for payment of said common expenses as a principal but only as the agent of all Owners to transmit said payments to third persons to whom such payments must be made by the Owner.

SECTION 3. Taxes and Assessments.

Each Owner of an Apartment shall be obligated to have the real property taxes for his own Apartment and its appurtenant interest in the common elements assessed separately by the proper governmental authority and to pay the amount of all such real property taxes so determined. The foregoing sentence shall apply to all types of taxes which now are or may hereafter be assessed separately by law on each Apartment and the common interest in the common elements appertaining thereto or the personal property or any other interest of the Owner. Each Owner shall execute such documents and take such action as may be reasonably specified by the Board to facilitate dealing with the proper governmental authority regarding such taxes and assessments. Each Owner shall be obligated to pay to the Board his proportionate share of any assessment by the Board for any portion of taxes or assessments, if any, assessed against the entire premises or any part of the common elements as a whole and not separately, such payment to be made as directed by the Board. If, in the opinion of the Board, any taxes for assessments may be a lien on the entire premises or any part of the common elements, the Board may pay such taxes or assessments and shall assess the same to the Owners in their proportionate share as determined by the Board. Such assessments by the Board shall be secured by the lien created by Section 4 of this ARTICLE VI.

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SECTION 4. Default in Payment of Assessments.

Each monthly assessment and each special assessment shall be separate, distinct and personal debts and obligations of the Owner against whom the same are assessed. In the event of a default or defaults in payment of any such assessment or assessments and in addition to any other remedies hereby or by law provided, the Board of Directors may enforce each such obligation as follows:

(a) By suit or suits at law to enforce each such assessment obligation. Each such action must be authorized by a majority of the Board at a regular or special meeting thereof and any such suit may be instituted by any one member of the Board or by the Manager if the latter is so authorized in writing. Each such action shall be brought in the name of the Board and the Board shall be deemed to be acting on behalf of all the Owners. Any judgment rendered in any such action shall include, where permissible under any law, a sum for reasonable attorney's fees in such amount as the court may adjudge against such defaulting Owner. Upon full satisfaction of any such judgment, it shall be the duty of the Board to authorize any two members thereof, acting in the name of the Board, to execute and deliver to the judgment debtor an appropriate satisfaction thereof.

(b) At any time within ninety (90) days after the occurrence of any such default, the Board (acting upon the authorization of the majority thereof at any regular or special meeting) may give a notice to the defaulting Owner, with a copy to the mortgagee of such Owner, if such mortgagee has furnished its name and address to the Board, which said notice shall state the date of the delinquency, the amount of the delinquency and make a demand for payment thereof. If such delinquency is not paid within ten (10) days after the delivery of such notice, the Board may elect to file a claim of lien against the Apartment of such delinquent Owner. Such claim of lien shall state

  1. the name of the delinquent Owner or reputed Owner

  2. a description of the Apartment against which claim of lien is made

  3. the amount claimed to be due and owing (with any proper offset allowed)

  4. that the claim of lien is made by the Board pursuant to the terms of these Bylaws of Chapter 514, Hawaii Revised Statutes, as amended

  5. that a lien is claimed against said described Apartment in an amount equal to the amount of the stated delinquency.

Any such claims of lien shall be signed and acknowledged by any two or more members of the Board or by the attorney for the Board and shall be dated as of the date of the execution by the last such Board member to execute said claim of lien. Upon recordation of a duly executed original or copy of such claim of lien with the Assistant Registrar of the Land Court of the State of Hawaii the Board shall have all remedies provided in Section 514-24, Hawaii Revised Statutes, as amended. Each default shall constitute a separate basis for a claim of lien or a lien.

In the event the foreclosure is under power of sale, the Board, or any person designated by it in writing, shall be entitled to actual expenses and such fees, including attorney's fees, as may be allowed by law or as may be prevailing at the time the sale is conducted. The certificate of sale shall be executed and acknowledged by any two members of the Board or by the person conducting the sale.

(c) For the purposes of this Section 4, a certificate executed and acknowledged or made under penalty of perjury by any two members of the Board shall be conclusive upon the Board and the Owners in favor of any and all persons who rely thereon in good faith as to the matters therein contained, and any Owner shall be entitled to such a certificate setting forth the amount of any due and unpaid assessments with respect to his Apartment (or the fact that all assessments due are paid if such is the case) within fifteen (15) days after demand therefore and upon payment of a reasonable fee not to exceed Ten Dollars ($10.00).

In the event any claims of liens have been recorded and thereafter the Board shall receive payment in full of the amount claimed to be due and owing, then upon demand of the Owner or his successor, and payment of a reasonable fee, not to exceed Ten Dollars ($10.00), the Board, acting by any two members, shall execute and acknowledge (in the manner provided above), a release of lien, stating the date of the original claim of lien, the amount claimed, the date, the Land Court document number of the claim of lien or the book and page where such lien is recorded in the Bureau of Conveyances, the fact that the lien has been fully satisfied and that the particular lien is released and discharged, such release of lien to be delivered to the Owner or his successor upon payment of the fee.

SECTION 5. Waiver.

The failure of the Board to insist in any one or more instances upon a strict performance of or compliance with any of the covenants of the Owner hereunder or to exercise any right or option herein contained, or to serve any notice, or to institute any action or summary proceeding, shall not be construed as a waiver, or a relinquishment for the future, of such covenant or option or right, but such covenant or option or right shall continue and remain in full force and effect. The receipt by the Board of any sum paid by the Owner hereunder, with or without knowledge by the Board of the breach of any covenant hereof, shall not be deemed a waiver of such breach, and no waiver, express or implied, by the Board of any provision hereof shall be deemed to have been made unless expressed in writing and signed by the President pursuant to authority contained in a resolution of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 6. Collection from Tenant.

If the Owner shall at any time rent or lease his Apartment and shall default for a period of thirty (30) days or more in the payment of the Owner's share of the common expenses, the Board may, at its option, so long as such default shall continue, demand and receive from any renter or lessee (hereinafter in this paragraph referred to as 'lessee') of the Owner occupying the Apartment, the rent due or becoming due from such lessee to the Owner up to an amount sufficient to pay all sums due from the Owner, including interest, if any, and any such payment of such rent to the Board by the lessee shall be sufficient discharge of such lessee, as between such lessee and the owner to the extent of the amount so paid; but any such demand or acceptance of rent from any lessee shall not be deemed to be a consent to or approval of any lease by the Owner or a release or discharge of any of the obligations of the Owner hereunder ox an acknowledgment of surrender of any rights or duties hereunder.

In the event that the Board makes demand upon the lessee as aforesaid, the lessee shall not have the right to question the right of the Board to make such demand, but shall be obligated to make the said payments to the Board as demanded by the Board with the effect as aforesaid; provided, however, that the Board may not exercise this right if a receiver has been appointed to take charge of the premises pending a mortgage foreclosure or if a mortgagee is in possession pending a mortgage foreclosure.

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